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Dundee Township Planning Commission

Regular Meeting Minutes

May 17, 2017


Chairman Art Bronson brought to order at 7:00 p.m.  The Pledge was recited and roll call was taken, these members were present: Ed Proctor, Bill Plumb, Liaison Gary Lazette and George Salenbien, David Sedlar, Jeanette Brockman and Building Inspector Dennis Kolar were excused absences.  Also attending were Linda Sontag, Janet Salenbien and Ken Jaworski.


The minutes for the meeting of February were approved on a motion by Mr. Proctor with support from Mr. Plumb.  The agenda for the May meeting was reviewed by everyone.  Mr. Lazette made a motion to accept it as printed, Mr. Proctor seconded this motion and all were in favor.


Communications – none


Public comment – Ms. Sontag understood lot splits would be discussed and she was seeking an explanation for the current position of the Township zoning and wondered why smaller and more splits are not allowed in the agricultural district.  Ms. Salenbien felt there should be more lots available in the ag district as residents often come to the Township and ask if they are available.  Mr. Jaworski reiterated the prior comments.


Scheduled Business


  1. Liason  Lazette introduced the lot split      discussion by stating that the recently formed Planning Committee had met      and put a number of items on a long term “wish list” which included      investigating whether the Township needed or could justify more and      smaller lot splits in the Agricultural Zoning District.


            The chair attempted to clarify what was being requested and was told that the Township Board thought the lots smaller than 10 acres should be allowed in the Agricultural District.  He then pointed out that that is already the case.  He then went on to list many items to consider when creating numerous lots in a rural area.  Mr. Proctor mentioned the potential problems with people unfamiliar with farming activities living in such a situation.


            It was resolved then, to research some of the Ag area noting unused ground that   would be possibly due to lots in the 10 acre size range.  Mr. Plumb and Mr. Proctor    agreed to make notes on this.  Chair Bronson agreed to look at development from the Health Department view.  It was agreed to wait to contact LSL for advice for the time being.


  1. Building Permits –The      Commissioners reviewed a list of recent building permits.


Old Business – nothing to discuss.


New Business - There was no new business.


With no further business to discuss Mr. Salenbien made a motion to adjourn, Mr Plumb supported; it was unanimously accepted.  Meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m. 




__________________________                                                  __________________________     

Chairman                  Art Bronson                                                 Secretary                       David Sedlar    




 Date Approved

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