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 Dundee Township Planning Commission

Regular Meeting – Minutes

August 15, 2018


Chairman Art Bronson called the regular meeting for August to order at 7:00 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited, and the roll call was taken these members were present: Vice Chairman Ed Proctor, Secretary David Sedlar, Commissioner Jeanette Brockman, Liaison Gary Lazette, Commissioner Bill Plumb, Commissioner George Salenbien and Building Inspector Dennis Kolar.    


The minutes to the regular meeting for the month of July were unanimously accepted after Mr. Plumb made the motion to accept them with support from Ms. Brockman.  


Mr. Sedlar made a motion to accept the agenda as printed, Mr.Proctor seconded the motion and all were in favor.


Public present – Scott Brand, Lori Monagin and Mark Maschino.   


Communications – There were no communications.


Scheduled Business


  1. Site Plan Review for Dundee Products – Scott Brand      of Brand Construction stated that they proposed putting a 16,000 square      foot addition on the existing plant. On the north side there would be an      area of some crushed concrete for trucks to turn around and on the west      side a paved area. All that water would run into a retention pond. Mr.      Kolar asked about parking. Mr. Brand noted that there would be parking on      the west side and out front.

       Chairman Bronson noted that the meeting was required by Section 16.1 Site Plan Review Procedures Item 1C – For Permitted and Special Approval Uses in an Industrial District. We review this and then formulate a recommendation for the Township Board and then they will either approve or deny based on our recommendation. He then asked how they were doing on the Drain Commission’s recommendations. Mr. Brand said that everything was submitted to the them, they sent back a letter that he forwarded on to the engineer. All their concerns have been addressed.

       Chairman Bronson handed the questioning over to the Building Inspector Dennis Kolar at this time. Mr. Kolar noted that the building code looks at types of construction, use group, setbacks, fire resistance of exterior walls and things of that nature. He stated that on the plan it didn’t say how they were coming up with the square footage or how the building was designed. The architect called him and told him that they were going with an unlimited building design. Unlimited building designs require a 60’ side yard setbacks from property lines. If they go with an allowable area design the side yard setbacks would only be 50’. The drawing for the building only had 36’ 4”.

      Mr. Kolar said there was two other items that needed to be addressed. The façade of the exterior of a building in an industrial district needs to contain 60%, brick, stone, split face block or scored block if it abuts to a road or residential district. Also, there was nothing on the drawing about exterior lighting. Mr. Brand said he would take care of these issues.

     After a short discussion among the board Mr. Sedlar made a motion to recommend to the Township Board to accept the site plan provided the applicant addressed the three issues discussed. Primarily the side setback, the makeup of the façade and the exterior lighting. Mr. Plumb seconded the motion and all were in favor.


  1.  Building      Permits – Mr. Kolar submitted building permits issued from May 1st to      August 15th. They were reviewed by everyone present.



Old Business – There was no old business


New Business - There was no new business.


With nothing further to discuss Gary Lazette made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:38 p.m., David Sedlar supported his motion and it was unanimously accepted.


_________________________                                        __________________________

Secretary      -       David Sedlar                                          Chairman         -       Art Bronson



Approval Date

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