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Dundee Township Planning Commission

Regular Meeting Minutes/Wilderness Campground Public Hearing

January 16, 2019


Chairman Art Bronson brought the regular meeting for the month of January to order at 6:00 p.m.  The Pledge was recited and roll call was taken these members were present: Jeanette Brockman, Liaison Gary Lazette, Building Inspector Dennis Kolar, George Salenbien, Bill Plumb, Ed Proctor and Secretary David Sedlar.


The minutes for the Regular meeting for October were unanimously accepted after Mr. Sedlar supported Mr. Proctor’s motion to do so.


The agenda for the January meeting was reviewed by everyone. Ms. Brockman made a motion to accept it as printed, Mr. Sedlar seconded this motion and all were in favor.


Public Present – Mark McAvoy, John & Melissa Wheeler and John Dubielak.


Communications – There was no communications.


Public Comment – There was no public comment.  


Scheduled Business


  1. Wilderness Campground Public      Hearing – Chairman Bronson stated that Mr. John Wheeler of the Wilderness      Campground wished to amend the campground special approval permit which      takes a public hearing. He said that we would ask Mr. Wheeler to make a      short presentation as to the specifics of the amendment. He also added      that it was the Planning Commissions job to form a recommendation to the      Township Board as to approve or disapprove the special approval      amendment. 

     Mr. Wheeler said they had been doing this for 1 year and they had learned a lot in that year. From a convenience and safety stand point the three things that were requested from them were packaged beer and wine availability, tobacco and lottery and off-season hours. This would enable campers to not have to leave the campgrounds to buy their supplies. They don’t want to become a party store but to mainly service the campground. Their hours are limited to 7:00 pm Sunday to Thursday and 9:00 pm Friday and Saturday. The off-season hours for workers that have work temporarily in the area and can’t find a place to stay.   

     Chairman Bronson asked if there would be year-round residences. Mr. Wheeler reassured him that would not be the case. Chairman Bronson opened the questions/comment portion of the hearing up to the public at this time. Mr. John Dubielak stated that he was not in favor of what Mr. Wheeler proposed. He lives near the campground and he is opposed to any more growth and development out in this area. His main concern is the sale of alcohol and the increase in noise and litter. Mr. Wheeler noted that he decreased the open beach hours from 11:00 to 10:00 pm and that he planned on keeping a better handle on the noise than the previous owners. Mark McAvoy is a neighbor of the campground and doesn’t have a problem with the improvements.

      Mr. Sedlar asked Mr. Wheeler if he already had a store in place for selling these products. He said yes he did and he wouldn’t have to do any expanding to the store itself. With nothing further to discuss Mr. Sedlar made a motion to recommend to the Township Board to pass the amendments to the special approval. Mr. Proctor supported his motion it was unanimously accepted. With the business of the public hearing having been concluded Ms. Brockman moved with support from Mr. Plumb to adjourn the meeting and all were in favor. Meeting adjourned at 6:20 pm.  


  1. Secretary’s Annual Report for      2018 – Secretary Sedlar read his annual report for 2018 then gave it to      Liaison Mr. Lazette.


  1. Set 2019 Meeting Calendar -      Secretary Sedlar stated that he had called in to the Monroe News the third      Wednesday of every month for the meeting dates. He felt if someone had a      conflict with one of the dates he could call that in after the fact.


  1. Re-elect Officers – Mr. Sedlar      made a motion to keep the officers the same. Ms. Brockman seconded his      motion and all were in favor.


  1.  Building Permits – Mr. Kolar submitted      building permits issued since the last regular meeting. Everyone present      reviewed these permits.


Old Business – There was no old business.


New Business –. There was no new business.  


With no further business to discuss Mr. Lazette made a motion to adjourn, Mr. Sedlar seconded this motion, it was unanimously accepted. Meeting adjourned at 6:27 p.m. 




__________________________                                                  __________________________     

Chairman                  Art Bronson                                                 Secretary                       David Sedlar    





 Date Approved

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