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  Dundee Township Planning Commission

Regular Meeting Minutes

February 21, 2018


Chairman Art Bronson brought the regular meeting for the month of February to order at 7:00 p.m. The Pledge was recited and roll call was taken.  Present were: Jeanette Brockman, Ed Proctor, Gary Lazette, Bill Plumb and David Sedlar. George Salenbien was an excused absence and Building Inspector Dennis Kolar was absent.


The minutes for the regular meeting/public hearing for December 20, 2017 were unanimously accepted after Mr. Sedlar supported Mr. Proctor’s motion to do so.


The agenda for this meeting was reviewed by everyone. Ms. Brockman made a motion to accept it as printed, Mr. Lazette seconded this motion and all were in favor.


Public present – Maria Bronson


Communications – Liaison Lazette passed out flyers for the 3rd Annual Municipal Planning and Zoning Seminar being held at the Old Mill.


Scheduled Business


A. Secretaries 2017 Annual Report – Mr. Sedlar read the report for the 2017 year.


B. Building Permits – There were no building permits due to the absence of Mr. Kolar.


C. Election of Officers – Mr. Plumb made a motion to leave the officers the same Mr. Sedlar

    supported this motion and all were in favor.


D. Discuss Alternative Energy Farms on Schedule of Uses – Mr. Sedlar stated that a few

     years ago, we worked on Article 7, Schedule of Uses, Wind Energy Conversion Systems.

     Since then we have worked on Solar Panels and Alternative Energy Farms and we don’t

     have them listed in the Schedule of Uses. He was thinking this is something that we

     needed to tidy up so it was less confusing. After a short discussion Mr. Lazette noted that

     this is probably something we should run by the Township Board and or the township

     attorney. He would look into it and get back to us at the next regular meeting.   



Old Business – No old business


New Business – No new business


With no further business to discuss Mr. Sedlar made a motion to adjourn, Ms. Brockman seconded this motion, it was unanimously accepted. Meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m. 



__________________________                                                  __________________________     

Chairman                  Art Bronson                                                 Secretary                       David Sedlar    




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