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Dundee Township Planning Commission

Regular Meeting – Minutes

July 18, 2018


Chairman Art Bronson called the regular meeting for July 18, 2018 to order at                                                               7:00 p.m.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited, and the roll call was taken these members were present: Vice-Chairman Ed Proctor, Secretary David Sedlar, Commissioner Jeanette Brockman, Commissioner Bill Plumb and Liaison Gary Lazette. Commissioner George Salenbien was an unexcused absence. Building Inspector Dennis Kolar was not in attendance.  


The minutes to the regular meeting for the month of February were unanimously accepted after Ms. Brockman moved with support from Mr. Proctor to do so.


Chairman Bronson added Accessory Building Setbacks to the agenda. It was unanimously accepted after Mr. Proctor moved with support from Mr. Sedlar to do so.


There was no public present and no communications.


Scheduled Business


A. Discuss Alternative Energy Farms on Schedule of Uses – Mr. Sedlar noted that under Schedule of Uses WECS is listed and where to find that Item. Since that was added we have added Solar Energy and Alternative Energy Farm. He thought that changing WECS to Alternative Energy on the Schedule of Uses and listing where to find the three items (Solar, WECS & Alternative Energy Farms) would clarify this particular part of the ordinance book. Chairman Bronson stated that this should be just a housekeeping item that we can change at a public hearing and then submit it to the township attorney for her final approval.  


B. Discuss Master Plan Update -. Mr. Sedlar noted that a statute under the Michigan Planning Enabling Act requires local governments in Michigan to assess their current master plan every five years in order to decide if the plan needs to be updated. It has been six years since we had updated our Master Plan. After a short discussion it was determined that we should run this by a planning firm because they would be up to date with any new legislation that has been passed that would directly affect the MP. Mr. Lazette noted that the Township Board would like to get a price from several planning firms as to the cost. He said he would take our discussion back to the board and decide the next course of action.  


C. Discuss Accessory Buildings Setbacks -  Chairman Bronson stated that the ZBA has had four meetings regarding Accessory Building setbacks. He noted that if you have that many there is obviously a problem with the ordinance. Our ordinance states that they need to be entirely in the back yard unless the residence is 200 ft from the road. He said that Mr. Kolar noted that the ordinance needs to be updated to at least include the side yard. Chairman Bronson noted that just changing the wording on item 2 of Section 5.15 Accessory Buildings to read Accessory buildings shall not be erected in the front yard unless all buildings are at least 200 feet from the front property line would correct the ordinance. This would be an item we would add to our laundry list and take care of it at a public hearing.


Old Business – There was no old business to discuss.


New Business – There was no new business to discuss. 


With nothing further to discuss Mr. Sedlar made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:42 p.m., Mr. Proctor supported this motion, it was unanimously accepted.


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Secretary      -       David Sedlar                                          Chairman         -       Art Bronson



Approval Date

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