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OCTOBER 10, 2017


The Regular Meeting of the Dundee Township Board was held Tuesday, October 10, 2017, at the Dundee Township Hall.  Supervisor Uhl called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.    The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  Roll call of officials was taken:  Supervisor Uhl, Treasurer Sontag, Clerk Salenbien and Trustees:  C.J. Horkey, Ken Jaworski, Travis Horkey and Gary Lazette were present.  Trustee CJ moved to approve the agenda and Treasurer Sontag supported.  Motion carried.  Trustee CJ moved to approve the minutes of the regular meeting held on September 12, 2017 and waive the reading of such.  Trustee Travis supported.  Motion carried. 



  • Ordinance Officer Report:  August and September 2017
  • Dundee Business Summit Networking Meeting

Trustee CJ moved to waive the reading of the Correspondence and place on file.  Treasurer Sontag supported.  Motion carried.





Library Reports:  Librarian Grudnoski reported statistics have not changed much.  Programing numbers are up.  The library will be holding their book sale on Friday and Saturday of this week.  Additional upcoming activities were reported on.  Jennifer thanked the township for allowing them to park here during construction.  The parking lot is now complete. 


Assessing Department:  None


Building Department:  Dennis Kolar presented the board with a Monthly permit list from August 1st through October 4, 2017.  Dennis explained the Blower Door Testing is now a federal and state code and must be done on any new house built before an occupancy permit can be issued.  This test is done by independent companies. 


Supervisor Uhl:  None


Trustee C.J.:  Trustee CJ reported there were 56 total calls for August, 2017. 


Trustee Lazette:  Trustee Lazette reported the Planning Commission held a Special meeting on October 4th to discuss a Bed & Breakfast conditional rezoning request. The zoning request is for the parcel to be changed from residential to agricultural.  The PC approved the rezoning request and has now been forwarded to the MCPC for their review.  Upon the final decision of the Township Board, a special approval would be necessary.  A Site Plan for storage units being built on Irish road was reviewed and approved at this meeting. The Planning Commission will have a regular meeting on October 18, 2017.  A quote was received for a hand rail in front of the library.  Trustee Lazette will seek additional quotes and check with the Village on restrictions and styles of acceptable fencing.   Trustee Lazette reported on some research regarding brine companies and quality of brine.   


Trustee Travis Horkey:  None


Trustee Jaworski:  None


Treasurer Sontag:  Treasurer Sontag reported she is taking late payments and inquiries are starting about winter tax bills.  Those will be mailed out around the 30th of November and collection will begin on December 1st.  If the school millage passes on November 7th that collection will begin on the December, 2018 tax bills.  Treasurer Sontag reminded board members to forward information to her for the newsletter.   


Clerk Salenbien:  Clerk Salenbien reported she attended a county clerk’s meeting.  Preparing for the November 7th election.  Training on the new voting equipment was held.  Absentee ballots will be mailed out soon. 





General Liability / Building/Fire Equipment Insurance:  Clerk Salenbien reported our general liability/building and fire equipment insurance had decrease slightly since last year.  This year the premium was $30,298.  This is down $326.00 from last year.   


Charter Communications – Renewal Agreement:  A renewal contract of the franchise agreement for Charter Communications was received.  This agreement is for 10 years.  The board reviewed the contract.  Supervisor Uhl moved to approve the document with Charter Communications for the next ten years.  Trustee CJ supported.  Motion carried.


MCRC – Discussions:  Supervisor Uhl reported there is a collapsed culvert on Kent Road that needs fixed.  The costs to repair the culvert would be $3,800.00.  Excess gradall funds may be used for this work since it is drainage work.  Trustee Lazette moved to allocate $3,800.00 to get the collapsed culvert repaired on Kent Road (close to Monk Road) using excess gradall funds.  Trustee CJ supported.  Motion carried.    Supervisor Uhl discussed items on the memo she prepared after meeting with the MCRC representatives regarding 2018 road projects.  Supervisor Uhl stated she had asked for two separate estimates for Petersburg Road from the Summerfield Township line to Brewer Road and two estimates for Brewer Road from Dennison Road to Petersburg Road.  Each estimate is for a different process.  Board members shared their concern with the potholes redeveloping up the center of Brewer Road.  Board members recommended contacting the RC to meet us out on Brewer Road.  Additional discussion on the type of stone being used on our roads followed.  Board members suggested requesting the RC to purchase stone from another quarry or take bids for trucking it ourselves and apply on a couple of high traffic roads as a test for comparison purposes.  Petersburg Road from M-50 north to Kent Road and Dunbar Road were suggested as test roads.  Supervisor Uhl will look into this. 


Cemetery Buy Back Discussions:  The board discussed amending our Cemetery Ordinance, “Section 10” – Repurchase of Lots or Burial Spaces.  Clerk Salenbien felt we should amend this section of our ordinance to allow us to offer a more reasonable and fair amount for those who wish to sell back any unused graves to the township.   After discussion, Trustee CJ moved to amend “Section 10” of the Cemetery Ordinance, striking the language of “100% of original price paid” and replacing with “one-half (50%) of the current price charged to Township Residents”.  Trustee Lazette supported.  Discussion regarding the surrendering of the original deed was addressed.  Motion carried.  An Ordinance Amendment will be presented at our next meeting.  This information will be placed in our newsletter and on our website. 


ANY OTHER ADDITIONAL BOARD COMMENTS:  Clerk Salenbien moved to accept the August, 2017 Treasurer’s report. Trustee CJ supported.  Motion carried.


Motion made by Trustee Lazette supported by Trustee CJ to pay the bills from 9/21/2017 in the amount of $11,306.59.  Motion carried.  Motion made by Treasurer Sontag supported by Trustee Lazette to pay the bills from 10/5/17 in the amount of $38,438.45.  Motion carried. 


Motion made by Supervisor Uhl supported by Treasurer Sontag to adjourn the meeting.  The meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.  The next meeting will be October 24, 2017. 


                                                                                                Respectfully Submitted,




                                                                                                Janet M. Salenbien

                                                                                                Township Clerk





Joanna Uhl







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