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OCTOBER 27, 2020


The Regular Meeting of the Dundee Township Board was held Tuesday, October 27, 2020, at the Dundee Township Hall.  Supervisor Uhl called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.   The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  Present were:  Supervisor Uhl, Clerk Salenbien, Treasurer Sontag, Trustees:  Gary Lazette, CJ Horkey, Travis Horkey and Ken Jaworski.  Trustee CJ moved to approve the meeting agenda and Clerk Salenbien supported.  Motion carried.  Trustee CJ moved to approve the minutes from the Regular Meeting held, September 22, 2020 and waive the reading of such.  Trustee Lazette supported.  Motion carried.  Trustee Jaworski moved to approve the September, 2020 Treasurers report and Trustee Travis supported.  Motion carried.  Trustee CJ moved to approve the Correspondence and place on file.  Trustee Jaworski supported.  Motion carried. 



Bed & Breakfast Update:  At this time the Kelly’s who own the Bed and Breakfast on Toledo Street gave their yearly update on their establishment as required by the township.  Mrs. Kelly reported they had a very good year despite the COVID 19 pandemic.  In August they celebrated their one-year anniversary.  A small breakfast is now being offered and plans are in the works for expanding and adding more bedrooms and bathrooms. 



Assessing Department:  Supervisor Uhl reported the Assessor feels we need to keep in mind the impact of the second wave of COVID may force us to make changes to the way we meet with the public and encourages us to have a plan in place. 


Building Department:  None


Supervisor Uhl:  Supervisor Uhl reported the Gloff Road drainage work that was scheduled to begin once the crops had been removed has now been impacted due to a full docket at the MCRC.  Due to the situation, Chris Stanly was going to contract the work out in two phases.  The first phase would be the west side of Gloff Road and is easily ¾ of the project.  The materials would be approximately $15,000 the work is being bid out at this time.  This work could be done now and the additional work would be done in the spring.  It is hopeful that all of this work can be done with excess gradall funds.  The cross tile will be replaced in the spring as well. 

Supervisor Uhl prepared three letters of thanks for board members to sign in appreciation of work towards our annual Clean-up day at Rod Park.  The letters are to:  Andy Salenbien, Salenbien Trucking & Excavating for trucking and spreading of stone, Aggregate Industries for the donation of the stone and Greg Keith, Dundee Recreation Commission for the use of the park.  The remainder of stone available at Aggregate Industries may be used in our cemetery’s and on the dead-end roads.  


Trustee C.J.:  Trustee CJ reported there were 64 total fire calls in September. 


Trustee Lazette:  Trustee Lazette reported the Annual Clean-up day on October 10th was very well attended and went very well.  The board thanked Gary for doing this for the Township. 


Trustee Travis Horkey: None


Trustee Jaworski: Trustee Jaworski reported a tree came down at the Lieb Cemetery and was cleaned up by Fairway Lawn and Landscaping.   A fence post needs to be repaired.   Trustee CJ moved to authorize the necessary repairs to the fence at Lieb Cemetery at a not to exceed cost of $500.00.  Trustee Jaworski supported.  Motion carried. 


Trustee Sontag:  Treasurer Sontag reported she had not heard anything from anyone about the information for the inserts that go out with our winter tax bills. The tax bills will be going out around November 30th so she needs the information forwarded to her soon.  The board discussed including some detail items in the “Did you know” section about our fire department:  grants received, hours spent at the fire hall, number of calls, certification class requirements, equipment cleaning, milk give away, recruitment of firefighters and election assistance.  Treasurer Sontag reported she is working on the winter tax bills at this time.     


Clerk Salenbien:  Clerk Salenbien reported the Clerk’s office has been extremely busy issuing absentee ballots and preparing for election day.  As of today, we have sent out 2076 ballots and received 1522 ballots back.  Since August we have approximately 300 new registered voters.  Clerk Salenbien thanked everyone who has helped her department out tremendously during this time. It was very much appreciated.    



“Draft” Land Division General Law Ordinance:  The “Draft” Land Division and Combination Ordinance and Applications prepared by the Township Attorney at the request of our Assessor was discussed at great length.  The goal was for the board to address questions and concerns they feel need to be addressed in the documents.  Items discussed in the application were:  Page 2, #5 waterfront /beach parcel, typo error on page 3, the fees on both checklists to be established by resolution of the board, land division tax certification from Monroe County and verify if property is in PA116.  The following changes discussed on the “draft” ordinance were: on page 5, “F” and “I”, page 7, “F” changing reasonable time to a definitive time.   It was also suggested that a revision dates be added to the document each time it is revised.  Supervisor Uhl will forward the suggested changes and revisions to the township attorney and CW.  Wording on our land division zoning ordinance will start once this is document is done.


Franchise Water Agreement:   Supervisor Uhl reported the township and village attorney have reviewed the Resolution to Amend the Water Franchise Agreement between the Village of Dundee and Dundee Township.  This Agreement would amend the 2000 Agreement to include the DTE Property as one of the properties eligible to receive Village water. DTE is requesting the water at its substation to install a bathroom.   The original franchise agreement is for a term of 50 years; however, Supervisor Uhl stated our attorney said the maximum term for an agreement of such is only 30 years.  Therefore, our original Water franchise agreement will need to be addressed very soon.  The board discussed why a bathroom is necessary at a substation.  Trustee Jaworski shared his concerns on why the Village would be willing to give water for a bathroom at a substation when Speck Sales was denied water. Supervisor Uhl stated the Village has been needing more power in our community to draw new businesses and felt this may be a goodwill gesture on our part.  Trustee Lazette moved to approve the Resolution to Amend the Water Franchise Agreement between the Township and Village as submitted. Trustee Jaworski supported.  A roll call vote was taken. Those voting in favor were:  Supervisor Uhl, Trustees:  Lazette, Jaworski, CJ Horkey, Travis Horkey.  Treasurer Sontag and Clerk Salenbien voted against.  Motion carried.    



Veterans Markers (6-10) / Flags:  The Veterans have asked for 6-10 additional veteran grave markers and flags for the cemeteries.  Trustee Jaworski moved to approve ordering 10 veteran grave markers at this time and purchase the flags in our next fiscal year budget so they will be here by Memorial Day. Trustee Travis Horkey supported.  Motion carried.   


Inter-Local Agreement:  Trustee CJ moved to enter into the Interlocal Agreement for County Designated Assessor as presented from the County of Monroe.  Treasurer Sontag supported.  Motion carried. 


Replacement Discussions for Treasurer and Clerk:  Supervisor Uhl shared an email she received from the Township Attorney with a short timeline to find a replacement for Clerk Salenbien and Treasurer Sontag’s positions since neither are running again and no one has filed as a write-in candidate.  Both positions are elected 4-year positions.  Candidates must be a registered voter of the township and a resident of the Township.  The pay is established and cannot be changed.  The Board has 45 days to make an appointment from the end of the current terms (November 20th).  The candidates will be appointed to serve until the next General Election (2 years).  The board would be willing to have the current clerk and treasurer serve as consultants during the transition period and asked them to be thinking of a reasonable compensation rate.  Deputies could be hired on temporary basis until a replacement is found at which time could then be appointed by the new person if they choose to.  Supervisor Uhl will prepare an ad for publication in the local paper next week.  The ad will be placed on the village website and Facebook page and the township website.  Resumes will be received by the Clerk.  Supervisor Uhl moved to create a committee consisting of Clerk Salenbien, Supervisor Uhl and Trustee Jaworski to review resumes and interview Clerk candidates.  Trustee CJ supported.  Motion carried.  Supervisor Uhl moved to create a committee consisting of Treasurer Sontag, Supervisor Uhl and Trustee Lazette to review resumes and interview Treasurer Candidates.  Trustee CJ supported.  Motion carried.   Treasurer Sontag moved to advertise for the open positions. Trustee CJ supported.  Motion carried.  The deadline to submit a resume will be November 12th and the committees will be meet the 16th to review and schedule interviews.   



Trustee Jaworski reported a civil war monument was taken from the Old Mill and will be placed in Maplegrove Cemetery near the flag pole. 

Treasurer Sontag inquired if dust control was going to be placed on the south part of Rea Road as indicated by the MCRC where the new stone had been placed. Supervisor Uhl will check into this. 


Motion made by Treasurer Sontag supported by Trustee Jaworski to pay the bills from 10/8/2020 in the amount of $49,934.57.  Motion carried.   

Motion made by Trustee Travis supported by Trustee CJ to pay the bills from 10/22/2020 in the amount of $17,670.31.  Motion carried. 


Motion made by Trustee Lazette supported by Trustee Travis to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.  The meeting adjourned at 9:50 p.m.    The next meeting will be Tuesday, November 10, 2020. 


                                                                        Respectfully Submitted,



                                                                        Janet M. Salenbien

                                                                        Dundee Township Clerk




Joanna Uhl


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