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 Dundee Township Planning Commission

Regular Meeting Minutes

August 21, 2019


Chairman Art Bronson brought the regular meeting for the month of August to order at 7:00 p.m. The Pledge was recited and roll call was taken.  Present were: Members Jeanette Brockman, Ed Proctor, Gary Lazette, George Salenbien, David Sedlar, Bill Plumb and Building Inspector Dennis Kolar


The minutes for the regular meeting for July were unanimously accepted after Mr. Proctor supported Ms. Brockman’s motion to do so.


The agenda for the meeting was reviewed by everyone. Mr. Sedlar made a motion to accept it as printed, Mr. Lazette seconded his motion and all were in favor.


There was no communications and no public comment.


Scheduled Business


  1. Carlisle Wortman Presentation – Mr. Bronson noted that Carlisle Wortman sent out a comprehensive plan of recommendations detailing the potential work on the Master Plan. The total came to 10,000 dollars which was thought to be a bit excessive. They followed with a second plan (for $6000.00) and that is why Laura Kreps representing Carlisle Wortman was in attendance. Chairman Bronson was under the assumption that it would be more detailed than what was presented. She noted that until they get into the Master Plan and review the entire document, they couldn’t get to specific on what needs to be done. She also said the $6000.00 was a not to exceed price.

        After further discussion it was determined that what we wanted from Carlisle Wortman would be a complete review. This would be a logical next step for the board to take. Mr. Sedlar made a motion to recommend to the Township Board to commission CW to do a complete review of the Master Plan and come back with suggestions and costs. Mr. Proctor seconded this motion, and all were in favor.      


  1. Building Permits – Mr. Kolar submitted building permits issued from July meeting to present. He also noted that a lot was going on as far as the building department.


Old Business – Chairman Bronson had a question about a house out on Plank Rd. that had burnt down. Mr. Kolar stated that he has issued them a building permit to do repairs approximately 2 – 3 months ago and has not heard anything since.  


New Business – No new business


With no further business to discuss Mr. Lazette made a motion to adjourn, Mr. Sedlar seconded this motion, it was unanimously accepted. Meeting adjourned at 7:28 p.m. 



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Chairman                  Art Bronson                                                 Secretary                       David Sedlar    




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