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OCTOBER 8, 2019


The Regular Meeting of the Dundee Township Board was held Tuesday, October 8, 2019, at the Dundee Township Hall.  Supervisor Uhl called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.    The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  Roll call of officials was taken:  Supervisor Uhl, Treasurer Sontag, Clerk Salenbien, Trustees:  Lazette, Jaworski and Trustee C.J. were present.  Trustee Travis Horkey was excused.  Trustee Lazette moved to revise the agenda adding Alex Thebolt after “Public Comment”.  Trustee CJ supported.  Motion carried.  

Trustee Lazette moved to approve the Regular meeting minutes held September 10, 2019 and waive the reading of such.  Trustee Jaworski supported.  Motion carried. Trustee CJ moved to approve the Correspondence and place on file.  Trustee CJ reported the Fire Department had received a $2500 grant from Michigan Gas/Wisconsin Public Service Foundation.  Treasurer Sontag supported.  Motion carried. 


PUBLIC COMMENT:  Alex Thebolt is a life scout pursuing to be an Eagle Scout and would like permission to put lights on two unlit flag poles in our cemeteries (Maplegrove and Oakgrove Cemetery) as part of his Eagle Scout project.   There would be no cost to the township for this project.  Alex will be fundraising to cover the expenses. Treasurer Sontag moved to grant permission to Alex Thebolt to put lights on the two cemetery flag poles (Maplegrove & Oakgrove) to help him earn his Eagle Scout rank.  Trustee Lazette supported.  Motion carried.  Tim Bordine thanked the Fire Department for doing such a good job in responding to the many calls we have and congratulated Alex Thebolt.  Ron Dart who lives at 1540 Plank Road inquired about the process to start a water district in the Plank/Bigelow Road area.  Supervisor Uhl will meet with him on Friday to explain the process. 



Library Report:  Jennifer reported circulation continues to drop.  Attendance is increased 4% and the annual fall book sale will be held on October 11th from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. and October 12th from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. 


Assessing Department:   None


Building Department:  None


Supervisor Uhl:  Supervisor Uhl reported a pump in a pit that manages water on Gloff Road maintained by the township is in need of replacement /work.  The township has always maintained the pit but the resident who lives there pays the electric bill.  A new pump has been ordered and some repairs to the walls of the pit will be made.  A local business person is contemplating buying the art work that is displayed in front of the library and would like to leave it there permanently on display.  If this does happen they would like it to be up in raised garden area so it could be more secure.  Trustee CJ moved that if someone purchased the artwork or donated it to display at the Library permanently the board would discuss details at that time.  Trustee Jaworski supported.  Motion carried. 


Trustee C.J.:   Trustee CJ reported the $2500 grant received from Michigan Gas was going to be used for thermal imagining cameras.   There were a total of 57 fire run calls for August 2019. 


Trustee Lazette: Trustee Lazette reported the toilet at the library on the first-floor ladies bathroom was installed and slightly exceeded the NTE cost of $500.00. 


Trustee Travis Horkey:  Excused


Trustee Jaworski:  Removed a wasp nest on a headstone at Maplegrove Cemetery. 


Treasurer Sontag:  Linda reported she will be attending a County Treasurer’s meeting and a LDFA meeting next week. 


Clerk Salenbien:  Clerk Salenbien reported she attended a County Clerk’s meeting last week and is preparing for the upcoming November election. 


OLD BUSINESS:   Supervisor Uhl reported the Planning Commission will be examining the master plan at their October meeting.  In the past the Township Board has expressed interest in exploring options for smaller lot sizes in the township.  Supervisor Uhl asked if the Board would like her to compose a letter to the Planning Commission asking them to work with Carlisle Wortman for options.  Trustee CJ reported other communities have done so but this is more a zoning change.  The board felt since Planning Commission will be working with CW now may be the time to address some of our zoning changes as well.    Trustee Lazette felt a letter should be composed and signed by the entire board to be presented to the Planning Commission.  Supervisor Uhl will prepare a draft letter for the Township Board to sign and present to the PC for their November meeting. 


Proposed Fire Millage Language – Renewal/New:  The board discussed the proposed Fire Department Millage language prepared by the township board and reviewed by the township and MTA Attorneys.  The Board questioned whether this should be run as renewal or new millage since the existing millage was stated for the construction of the fire hall and would not be needed in the new ballot language.  The existing Fire millage expires December 2021(last collection) and the new Proposed Fire Millage would not take effect until the current millage sunsets.  The board reviewed two revisions to the language the Township Attorney prepared but felt the original language the Township Board approved a few weeks ago should be used and treated as a new millage rather than renewal.   Trustee CJ moved to use the Proposed Fire Millage language as prepared and approved by the Township Board.  This proposal will be on the May, 2020 Election ballot.  Ballot language will be sent to the township attorney for final review and approval.  Treasurer Sontag supported.  Motion carried. 



Petrangelo Bondy & Crossley – Rate Increase letter:  A rate increase will go into effect for 2020.  The rate will go from $120.00 to $150.00/hour.  Trustee CJ moved to continue using Kerry Bondy as our attorney at the new rate of $150.00 beginning 2020.  Trustee Jaworski supported.  Motion carried. 


Snow Removal Bids:  Clerk Salenbien reported one bid was received from R & R Lawncare & Landscaping for snow removal services at the Township Hall, Library (steps & entrance only) and Fire hall for a period of three years.  Clerk Salenbien moved to accept the snow removal bid from R & R Lawncare & Landscaping for a period of three years (11-11-19 through 11-11-2022) per the bid submitted.  Trustee CJ supported.  Motion carried. 


Resolution 2019-5-MTPP Grant Board Resolution:  Trustee CJ moved to adopt Resolution 2019-5, MTPP Grant Board Resolution.  Trustee Lazette supported.  A roll call vote was taken with all voting in favor.  Trustee Travis was absent.  Motion carried. 



Trustee Lazette reported a Code Red call will be going out informing residents of Fire Prevention Week and Open House at the Fire Hall.  Clerk Salenbien commented on the email from MCRC regarding Lenawee County roads.  Trustee CJ commented on the nice job the contractor did in demolishing and cleaning up the burned house on Lloyd Road.  Clerk Salenbien commented on the Road Commission invoices and contract amounts.  Striping still needs to be done on our chip seal roads.  Trustee Jaworski commented on the sand pit across the road from his house running smooth (Ida Township) and that there have not been any problems or obstacles.  Trustee Jaworski inquired about the Fog Seal that the MCRC was supposed to do on Ida West Road.   


Motion made by Trustee CJ supported by Clerk Salenbien to pay the bills from 9/19/19 in the amount of $53,778.56.  Motion carried.   


Motion made by Clerk Salenbien supported by Trustee CJ to pay the bills from 10/3/19 in the amount of $100,064.46.  Motion carried.   


Motion made by Treasurer Sontag supported by Trustee Lazette to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.  The meeting adjourned at 8:13 p.m. 


The next meeting will be October 22, 2019. 



                                                                        Respectfully Submitted,



                                                                        Janet M. Salenbien

                                                                        Township Clerk




Joanna Uhl


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