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 Dundee Township Planning Commission

Conditional Rezoning Public Hearing/Palka Site Plan Review Minutes

October 4, 2017


Chairman Art Bronson brought the hearing to order at 7:00 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and Roll Call taken, present were Ed Proctor, Bill Plumb, Liaison Gary Lazette, George Salenbien, Jeanette Brockman, Dave Sedlar and Building Inspector Dennis Kolar.


Mr. Bronson announced that the purpose of the hearing was to consider the request of Jennifer and Tim Kelly of Dundee who wished to rezone their property at 1098 Lloyd Rd. from Residential to Agricultural. He went on to explain that a Conditional Rezone request meant that if approved, the only use would be that in the application, i.e. the Bed & Breakfast.  If for some reason that use was abandoned, the zoning would revert to Residential. That use also requires Special Approval, which the ordinance allows to be considered simultaneously with the rezoning.  But the applicants decided not to pursue the Special Approval at this time. It was the duty of the Planning Commission to hold the public hearing and then formulate a recommendation which is sent on to County Planning who also provides a recommendation.  Both results are sent to the Township Board who ultimately decides on whether to approve the request.


Applicant Jennifer Kelly introduced the proposal. She noted that when they bought the home 5 years ago it was because of its character and the community two things that would make it a good destination for a Bed & Breakfast. She also said that their vision was to start out with 5 bedrooms as stated in the ordinance. They had a licensed contractor come out and check the septic situation along with the health department and they found no problems. They checked with the Road Commission and the Fire Department did a walk through and other than a few fire extinguishers gave their approval. And she has the paper work from all of these different departments.   


Chairman Bronson stated that he had the report from the Health Department. He also noted that the Township Attorney Kerry Bondy reviewed the application. The only problem she had was with item 3A under Development: The subject property shall be used for Bed & Breakfast Inn, Small Venue Weddings and Small Venue Events. Attorney Bondy advised us to strike Small Venue Weddings and Small Venue Events from the agreement. There is another part of the ordinance book that handles those type of events and that comes under the Commercial portion.


The building Inspector Dennis Kolar had no problems with this portion of the rezoning. Mr. Lazette was concerned that there was no mention of fire detectors. Mrs. Kelly said they did address the issue and that she just forgot to say this in her initial presentation.    


There was no public input.


With nothing further to discuss Chairman Bronson asked for a motion at this time. Mr. Sedlar moved to recommend to the Township Board to approve the rezoning. With the stipulation that the Item discussed (3A) be reworded to eliminate Small Venue Weddings and Small Venue Events from the application. Mr. Proctor seconded the motion and all were in favor.


As previously noted, special approval would also be required for the project.     


The chair said that the information would be sent on to Monroe County Planning for their review.


With no further business to discuss Mr. Plumb made a motion to adjourn the Public Hearing; Mr. Lazette supported; it was unanimously accepted.  Hearing adjourned at 7:18 p.m.   


With the Pledge of Allegiance already having been recited and roll call taken Chairman Bronson moved right along with the next order of business, Palka Site Plan Review.  Mr. Palka brought in their site plan for the proposed self-storage business with some changes. The changes from the original plan are as follows: They rearranged the position of the buildings because of drainage issues, moved the detention for water run off to the east side to give the neighbor a buffer, dropped a few buildings, rearranged the entrance a little and introduced a few more swales.


Building Inspector Dennis Kolar noted that he hadn’t had a chance to look over the changes in depth but everything looked good on the preliminary review. With nothing further to discuss George Salenbien made the motion to accept the site plan with the changes Ed Proctor supported his motion and all were in favor.


There being no more business Mr. Lazette moved with support from Mr. Sedlar to adjourn the meeting. It was unanimously accepted. Meeting adjourned 7:36 pm.



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Chairman                  Art Bronson                               Secretary                  David Sedlar_





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