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July 9, 2019


The Regular Meeting of the Dundee Township Board was held Tuesday, July 9, 2019, at the Dundee Township Hall.  Supervisor Uhl called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.    The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  Roll call of officials was taken:  Supervisor Uhl, Treasurer Sontag, Clerk Salenbien, Trustees:  Lazette, Travis Horkey, Jaworski and Trustee C.J. were present. 

Treasure Sontag moved to adopt and approve the agenda as presented and Clerk Salenbien supported.  Motion carried.  Trustee CJ moved to approve the Regular meeting minutes held June 11, 2019 and waive the reading of such.  Trustee Horkey supported.  Motion carried. Trustee CJ moved to approve the May, 2019 Treasurer’s report.  Clerk Salenbien supported.  Motion carried.  There was no correspondence.    





Library Report:  Jennifer reported she had not received June statics yet.  Summer programs are going well with good attendance. The bookmobile is out and out about.   


Assessing Department:  Supervisor Uhl reported July, Board of Review will be held next week. 


Building Department:  None


Supervisor Uhl:  Supervisor Uhl reported on a letter she composed to Karen Lieb, Summerfield Township Assessor asking for the parcel of land donated to the township for Oak Grove Cemetery to be considered tax exempt.  A tax bill was received in the amount of $148.27.  Trustee CJ moved to authorize Supervisor Uhl to send the letter as prepared to Karen Lieb, Assessor Summerfield Township asking for the parcel of land donated to Dundee Township to be considered tax exempt. Trustee Jaworski supported.  Motion carried.  Supervisor Uhl reported the Assessing workshop held by MTA that she and Treasurer Sontag attended was very informative.  Correspondence was received from the Monroe County Drain Commission informing the township of a Drain Determination Hearing that will be held July 23rd for the Vanderwalker Drain.  Correspondence was received that DTE will be holding a hearing as well.  MTA will be hosting a Zoning Workshop in August.  If anyone is interested in attending please let Supervisor Uhl know by July 31st.  The Road Commission will be starting construction on Petersburg Road from Brewer to M-50 around July 15th and construction should be completed before school starts. 


Trustee C.J.:  None


Trustee Lazette: Trustee Lazette reported the fire department had received a quote for a surge protector to be installed for the grinder pumps at the fire hall.  The quote was from Gem Inc and was $6500.  No action was taken due to the cost.  One quote to repair the gutter on the north west side of the township hall was received.  We are awaiting additional quotes.  There will be a Planning Commission meeting on July 17, 2019.  Trustee Lazette discussed how a washout is being fixed in a neighboring township.    


Trustee Travis Horkey:  Reported chip sealing had been done on Gloff and Meanwell roads. 


Trustee Jaworski:  Trustee Jaworski inquired if fog sealing will be done on Ida West Road.  Supervisor Uhl will check with the RC.


Treasurer Sontag:  Treasurer Sontag reported the Summer tax bills have been mailed.  Collections have begun.  Treasurer Sontag reported her Deputy Treasurer’s father passed away this week so she will be out.  Treasurer Sontag reported on the Assessing seminar she attended and key items that each township should make sure to have in place.  It was suggested that every township should have a good job description for the position, look at your own property card for comparison purposes and the assessors should attend board meetings regularly to keep the board informed. 


Clerk Salenbien:  Clerk Salenbien discussed the fire millage that will expire in 2021 and setting up a timeline for either a renewal or new millage.  Due to deadlines for submitting/approving proposal language we need to be thinking about this soon if we plan to do this in the upcoming year.  This will be an agenda item on our July 23rd meeting.  Representatives from the Decker Agency (new insurance agent) will be at our July 23rd board meeting. 



Policy & Procedures – Planned Time Away /Personal Time Notification Form:  The board reviewed, discussed and made changes to the “Draft” form for the planned time /personal time away to be included in our Policy Manual.   Clerk Salenbien moved to approve the Planned Time/Personal Time Away Notification form with the changes as discussed.  Treasurer Sontag supported.  Motion carried. 


Amendment to Consent Judgement – Schultz Property:    Supervisor Uhl reported no amendment language had been received from the attorney.  Supervisor Uhl will contact the township attorney tomorrow and ask her to prepare the draft amendment language herself if nothing is received by 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, July 11, 2019.     



Resolution 2019-3 – Property Transfer Affidavit:  Trustee CJ moved to adopt Resolution 2019-3, Resolution to Waive Collection of Penalties for Failure to File Property Tax Transfer Affidavits. Clerk Salenbien supported.  Roll call vote was taken with all board members voting in favor.  Motion carried.   



Trustee Lazette reported the assessor for Exeter Township had quit.  Trustee Lazette inquired about the concrete work at the fire hall that was proposed.  Trustee Lazette inquired about the water bill for the Library on the Treasure’s report. 

Trustee CJ moved to allow the Dundee Township Fire Department to attend and provide fire protection at the Monroe County Fair on Tuesday, July 30, 2019.  Trustee Lazette supported.  Motion carried. 

Clerk Salenbien inquired about the sidewalk repair work in front of the township office.  Supervisor Uhl will check on this.     


Motion made by Trustee CJ supported by Treasurer Sontag to pay the bills from 6/20/19 in the amount of $14,608.12.  Motion carried.    Motion made by Trustee CJ supported by Treasurer Sontag to pay the bills from 7/04/19 in the amount of $40,389.34.  Motion carried.    


Motion made by Trustee Lazette supported by Trustee Travis to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.  The meeting adjourned at 8:01p.m. 


The next meeting will be July 23, 2019. 



                                                                        Respectfully Submitted,



                                                                        Janet M. Salenbien

                                                                        Township Clerk




Joanna Uhl


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