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 Dundee Township Planning Commission

Regular Meeting Minutes

February 15, 2017


Chairman Art Bronson brought the regular meeting for the month of February to order at 7:00 p.m. The Pledge was recited and roll call was taken these members were present: Jeanette Brockman, Ed Proctor, Bill Plumb, Gary Lazette, George Salenbien and David Sedlar. Building Inspector Dennis Kolar was not present.


The minutes for the Regular meeting for November were unanimously accepted after Mr. Proctor supported Ms. Brockman’s motion to do so.


The agenda for the February 15, 2017, meeting was reviewed by everyone. Mr. Proctor made a motion to accept it as printed, Mr. Plumb seconded his motion and all were in favor.


There was no public present.


Communications – Mr. Lazette noted that the packets on the table in front of each member present was a copy of the revisions of the ordinances made last year. He also said that the Township Board wanted to get together a committee, a planning committee, not to be confused with the Planning Commission. This committee would be made up of township officials along with residents. They would look at future needs of the township in particular the fire station, this township building and the township cemeteries. He talked about the cemeteries, Maple Grove Cemetery is land locked and Oak Grove has room but should we buy more ground for expansion, many questions to be answered. He wanted to extend an invitation to members of the PC to join.  


Scheduled Business


  1. Election of Officers – Mr. Sedlar      made a motion to keep all the officers the same, Mr. Salenbien seconded      his motion and it was unanimously passed. Art Bronson Chairman, Ed Proctor      Vice-Chairman and David Sedlar Secretary.  


  1. Building Permits – There were no      building permits to review, Mr. Kolar was not present.


  1. 2016 Secretaries Report -  Secretary David Sedlar read the      secretaries report for 2016.


  1. Discuss Alternative Energy Farms      on Schedule of Uses – Chairman Bronson noted that in the Schedule of Uses there      is Wind Energy Conversion Systems, Solar is not mentioned. Solar is      covered in General Provisions, Section 5.44, we just need to change from      Wind Energy Conversion Systems to Alternative Energy Farms in the Schedule      of Uses. We will put it on a laundry list of things to address in the      future. What brought it to our attention is that DTE Energy was inquiring      about putting a solar array up in the township.


Old Business – No old business


New Business – No new business


With no further business to discuss Mr. Proctor made a motion to adjourn, Mr. Lazette m seconded this motion, it was unanimously accepted. Meeting adjourned at 7:32 p.m. 


__________________________                                                  __________________________     

Chairman                  Art Bronson                                                 Secretary                       David Sedlar    



 Date Approved

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