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AUGUST 25, 2020


The Regular Meeting of the Dundee Township Board was held Tuesday, August 25, 2020, at the Dundee Township Hall.  Supervisor Uhl called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.   The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  Present were:  Supervisor Uhl, Clerk Salenbien, Treasurer Sontag, Trustees:  CJ Horkey, Travis Horkey and Ken Jaworski.  Trustee Lazette was excused.  Trustee CJ moved to approve the meeting agenda and Treasurer Sontag supported.  Motion carried.  Trustee CJ moved to approve the minutes from the Regular Meeting held, July 14, 2020 and waive the reading of such.  Treasurer Sontag supported.  Motion carried.  Trustee CJ moved to approve the June and July, 2020 Treasurers report and Trustee Travis supported.  Motion carried.  Treasurer Sontag moved to approve the Correspondence and place on file.  Trustee CJ supported.  Motion carried. 





Assessing Department:  None


Building Department:  None


Supervisor Uhl:  Supervisor Uhl reported on the “summary of conversation with the Director of Central Dispatch, Donna Kuti” and the response regarding the records management program/Box Alarm system.  The Dundee Township Fire Department is using Emergency Reporting System.  The initial cost is $3,940 and the annual fee is $3,400.  Totten Road drainage issues have been fixed by doing some deep ditching by the MCRC budget. Chop was given the go ahead to removed some trees in advance of the work on Totten Road since they were working in the area.  Supervisor Uhl reported she received an estimate of $2400 from Chop to remove a large dead tree on Meanwell Road.  This work would be paid through our excess gradall funds.  Trustee CJ moved to approve the estimate of $2400 from Chop to remove a dead tree on Meanwell Road and to be paid through excess gradall funds.  Trustee Jaworski supported.  Motion carried.  Supervisor Uhl reported the Planning Commission will begin working with John Enos, at Carlisle Wortman on the land division part of our ordinance.  Supervisor Uhl reported a meeting will be set up soon and asked if anyone has any items relating to the zoning ordinances, they wish to be addressed with the planners to let her know and she will forward on to John Enos.  Supervisor Uhl reported on a Planning Commission Public Hearing publication that appeared in the paper today that was out of order from the normal procedure.  This public hearing really serves no purpose at this time.  


Trustee C.J.:  Trustee CJ reported there were 49 total fire calls in May, 53 in June and 76 in July. 


Trustee Lazette:  Excused.  Supervisor Uhl read a letter received from Trustee Lazette stating effective this date he is resigning from his position as the liaison between the Township Board and the Planning Commission and will no longer serve.    Gary has served for 13 years on this commission.  Clerk Salenbien stated that Gary has done a very good job serving as this liaison and will be missed.  After discussion, Treasurer Sontag moved to accept Trustee Lazette’s resignation from the Planning Commission with deep regret and Clerk Salenbien supported.  Motion carried.  Trustee CJ offered his resignation from the Zoning Board of Appeals effective when a replacement is known.  Trustee Jaworski supported.  Motion carried.  Treasurer Sontag moved to appoint Trustee CJ Horkey to the Planning Commission and Supervisor Uhl supported.  Motion carried.  Supervisor Uhl moved to appoint Trustee Travis Horkey to the Zoning Board of Appeals and Trustee CJ supported.  Motion carried.        


Trustee Travis Horkey: None


Trustee Jaworski:  None


Trustee Sontag:  Treasurer Sontag reported summer taxes are coming down to the last couple weeks and starting to come in steady.  Treasurer Sontag reported she has received complaints from residents about the dust control being a waste of time and money.  Trustee Jaworski will look in cost per gallon other jurisdictions are paying and report back at our next meeting. 


Clerk Salenbien:  Clerk Salenbien reported 29.22% voted in the August primary and she is busy preparing for the November general election. 





2019-2020 Audit:  Supervisor Uhl, Clerk Salenbien and Treasurer Sontag met with the Auditors who reported the audit went very well with no issues.  Treasurer Sontag reported the only major change was with a new GASB Tax Fund that is now shown on its own now.   Trustee CJ moved to accept and approve the 2019-2020 Audit as presented.  Treasurer Sontag supported.  A roll call vote was taken with all voting in favor. Trustee Lazette was excused.  Motion carried. 



Trustee CJ reported the Fire Department received a $14,425.47 Grant from Firehouse Subs.  The Fire Millage passed three to one in August.  Supervisor Uhl will be sending out individual letters to each fireman thanking them for their work and service to the community.  The board discussed ordering a “thank-you” banner to be put out front of the firehall before Fire Safety Week in October.  Trustee Jaworski inquired about a complaint on the Ordinance Officers report. 


Motion made by Trustee CJ supported by Clerk Salenbien to pay the bills from 7/23/2020 in the amount of $10,992.96.  Motion carried.   

Motion made by Supervisor Uhl supported by Trustee CJ to pay the bills from 8/6/2020 in the amount of $47,513.94.  Motion carried. 

Motion made by Trustee Travis supported by Treasurer Sontag to pay the bills from 8/20/2020 in the amount of $31,592.96.  Motion carried. 

Motion made by Supervisor Uhl supported by Trustee Jaworski to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.  The meeting adjourned at 8:33p.m.    The next meeting will be Tuesday, September 8, 2020. 


                                                                        Respectfully Submitted,



                                                                        Janet M. Salenbien

                                                                        Dundee Township Clerk




Joanna Uhl


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