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Dundee Township Planning Commission

Wilderness Campground Special Approval/Regular Meeting – Minutes

November 15, 2017


Chairman Art Bronson called the meeting for November 15, 2017 to order at 7:00 p.m.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and the roll call was taken these members were present: Vice-Chairman Ed Proctor, Secretary David Sedlar, Commissioner Jeanette Brockman, Commissioner Bill Plumb and Liaison Gary Lazette. Commissioner George Salenbien was an excused absence. Building Inspector Dennis Kolar was not in attendance.  


The minutes to the conditional Rezoning Public Hearing/Palka Site Plan Review meeting from October 4, 2017 were unanimously accepted after Ms. Brockman moved with support from Mr. Proctor to do so.


With the agenda for the meeting having been reviewed Mr. Sedlar made the motion to accept it as written. Mr. Proctor supported his motion it was unanimously accepted.


A list of public present will accompany these minutes.


There were no Communications.


Scheduled Business


  1. Wilderness Campground Special Approval – Chairman      Bronson explained the purpose of the meeting was to form a recommendation      for the Township Board who has the final say so as to accept or deny the      special approval request. At this time he read the 5 requirements that      have to be met in order for the Planning Commission to recommend      acceptance of the special approval. He then asked for a presentation as to      the specifics for the request.

Mr. John Wheeler stated that they would like to add a bath-house/laundry room, a storage     shed, a splash pad, 7 rustic cabins and 38 campsites. Mr. Sedlar asked what was a splash pad? He said it was a cement pad with a soft surface with interactive water features for children to play. Mr. Lazette had several questions as to upgrading the electrical service and is he adding any many more lights for the entire campground. He said he contacted Detroit Edison and they felt that the five meters that were existing would be sufficient. But they would help him in any way if a sixth meter had to be added. As far as more lights he was planning on just enhancing what was there not adding any more.     

                  Chairman Bronson noted that the building inspector could not be here but he spoke to him

earlier and asked him if he had any concerns of the site plan. He said that everything that he had been presented with meets the ordinance requirements. He also mentioned that if the plan was approved by the township that they would have to follow the standards of other agencies including the Health Department. Mr. Wheeler said he contacted the Health Department and that he was aware of a permit requirement.

      There was no public input. Mr. Plumb felt that they met all five special approval requirements and made a motion to recommend to the Township Board to pass the special approval. Mr. Sedlar seconded his motion and all were in favor. With business having been conclude with the Public Hearing Mr. Sedlar made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Mr. Proctor supported his motion it was unanimously adjourned.


  1. Vandevelde Pond Expansion Site Plan Review – Mr.      Bronson noted that Paul and Nancy Vandevelde of 18660 Collins Rd. wished      to expand the size of an existing pond. It is mostly round approximately      80’ and they wished to add on another 50’ making it more oblong. He had      discussed this with the building inspector Mr. Kolar and he found no      problem with the plan. The Vandeveldes were not at the meeting. After a      short discussion Mr. Sedlar moved with support from Mr. Lazette to approve      the site plan and all were in favor.


  1. Building Permits – Due to the lack of the building      inspector there were no permits to review.         


Old Business – Mr. Proctor reported on unkempt properties in the Ag District, west of US 23, specifically regarding overgrown areas.  He found very few that would be helped if smaller lots were allowed, as some have suggested.  He did not think an amendment to the ordinance would make much of an impact as it doesn't appear to be a serious problem


New Business –  There was no new business to discuss


With nothing further to discuss Mr. Proctor made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:24 p.m., Mr. Lazette supported this motion, it was unanimously accepted.


_________________________                                        __________________________

Secretary      -       David Sedlar                                          Chairman         -       Art Bronson



Approval Date

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