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NOVEMBER 12, 2019


The Regular Meeting of the Dundee Township Board was held Tuesday, November 12, 2019, at the Dundee Township Hall.  Supervisor Uhl called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.    The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  Roll call of officials was taken:  Supervisor Uhl, Treasurer Sontag, Clerk Salenbien, Trustees:  Lazette, Travis Horkey, Jaworski and Trustee C.J. Horkey were present.   Treasurer Sontag moved to approve the meeting agenda and Trustee Lazette supported.  Motion carried.  Trustee CJ moved to approve the Regular meeting minutes held October 8, 2019 and waive the reading of such.  Treasurer Sontag supported.  Trustee Travis abstained.  Motion carried. Trustee CJ moved to approve the August, 2019 Treasurer’s report and Clerk Salenbien supported.  Motion carried.  Trustee Jaworski moved to approve the September, 2019 Treasurer’s report and Trustee CJ supported.  Motion carried.  Treasurer Sontag moved to approve the Correspondence and place on file.  Clerk Salenbien supported.  Motion carried. 


PUBLIC COMMENT:  Alex Thebolt spoke at this time regarding his Eagle Scout project he is pursuing at Maplegrove and Oakgrove Cemeteries.  Alex stated he was informed that more work is required as part of this project and would like permission from the board to add fencing and a bench around the flagpoles.  Trustee CJ moved to allow Alex Thebolt to expand the project as discussed around the flag poles.  Treasurer Sontag supported.  Motion carried.  There would be no cost to the township for this project.  Alex will be having a Chili cook off dinner on November 30th at the VFW as a fundraising effort to cover the expenses.



Library Report:  Jennifer reported things are going well at the Library but the statistics continues to drop.  The system as whole is up 20%.  Media has had a huge impact on the numbers over the years.  The annual fall book sale went well.  The Library will be closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. 


Assessing Department:   Supervisor Uhl reported Bob is working on three pending tribunals and getting ready for December Board of Review to be held December 10th at 9:00 a.m. 


Building Department:  Inspector Dennis Kolar presented board members with a permit issued list from October 1 through November 12th.  Twenty-two permits have been issued.  Dennis reported he has been busy and receiving lots of phone calls.    


Supervisor Uhl:  Supervisor Uhl updated the board on the (pit) drainage issues on Gloff Road.  Supervisor Uhl met with Chris Stanley of the MCRC, Trustee Horkey and the farmer at the site to assess the situation.   The Road Commission feels it is time for us to find a better permanent solution for the drainage problems in that area and are looking into other options. They will report back a later date.   


Trustee C.J.:   Trustee CJ reported the firemen had 5070 total runs for payroll in 2019.  This was up from 4696 total runs in 2018.  The firemen continue to work on grant applications to offset equipment needed. 


Trustee Lazette: Trustee Lazette there will be no Planning Commission meeting in November. 


Trustee Travis Horkey:  None


Trustee Jaworski:  Trustee reported he received a copy of the survey for the land that was donated to the Township next to Oakgrove Cemetery and is looking for the corner irons.    


Treasurer Sontag:  Treasurer Sontag reported she is working on the Winter tax bills and plans to mail them out on November 27th.  Collection begins on December 1st.  Treasurer Sontag asked if anyone has anything to add or change on the insert going out with the tax bills to let her know by 10 a.m. tomorrow.


Clerk Salenbien:  Clerk Salenbien reported the Summerfield School Election held last week had a total of 17 voters (14 Absentee voters and 3 physical voters who came to vote).  The millage passed.  Clerk Salenbien asked the board members to be thinking about a structure/timeline schedule for informational day/nights to answer any questions regarding the fire millage proposal on the May 5, 2020 election.



Gutter Replacement on West Side of Township Hall:  One bid was received from Lee Wright back in June for repairs/replacement to a gutter on the northwest side of the township hall at a cost of $945.00.  Trustee’s Lazette and Jaworski stated there may be a little additional work needed however, it would not be known until work begins.  Trustee Lazette moved to accept the bid from Lee Wright for the gutter repairs/replacement at the township hall with a bump up contingency amount not to exceed $1,200.00.  Treasurer Sontag supported.  Motion carried.



Draft Letter for Planning Commission:  Supervisor Uhl prepared a “Draft” letter to present to the Planning Commission asking them while they are working with Carlisle Wortman on making corrections, additions, and improvements within our Zoning Ordinances the Township Board would like them to research options for smaller minimum lot sizes in our agricultural districts.  Treasure Sontag moved to approve the letter as prepared and send to the Planning Commission asking them to research options for smaller minimum lot sizes in our Agricultural District. Clerk Salenbien supported.  Motion carried.   


Resolution 2019-6:  Treasurer Sontag moved to approve Resolution 2019-6 to Adopt Millage Ballot Language.  Trustee CJ supported.  Roll call vote was taken with all board members voting in favor.  Motion carried. 


Adopt 2018 International Fire Code:  Trustee CJ inquired about the enforcement of the fire code with the Building Inspector.  Clerk Salenbien stated the procurement procedures require you must be using the current 2018 International Fire Code in order to apply for grant funds.  Trustee CJ moved to adopt the 2018 International Fire Code.  Trustee Lazette supported.  Motion carried.    Chief Motylinski will need to order the new code book. 




Motion made by Treasurer Sontag supported by Clerk Salenbien to pay the bills from 10/22/19 in the amount of $36,617.51.  Motion carried.   


Motion made by Clerk Salenbien supported by Treasurer Sontag to pay the bills from 11/7/19 in the amount of $24,327.48.  Motion carried.   


Motion made by Trustee Lazette supported by Treasurer Sontag to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.  The meeting adjourned at 7:49 p.m. 


The next meeting will be November 26, 2019. 



                                                                        Respectfully Submitted,



                                                                        Janet M. Salenbien

                                                                        Township Clerk




Joanna Uhl


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