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MAY 24, 2022



A Regular Meeting of the Dundee Township Board was held Tuesday, MAY 24, 2022.  Trustee CJ Horkey called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Present were: Treasurer Hunt, Clerk Sanders and Trustees: Travis Horkey, Gary Lazette, CJ Horkey, and Ken Jaworski. Supervisor Uhl was excused. Trustee CJ Horkey made a motion to adopt a new agenda to include Mr. Manusak. Clerk Sanders supported. Trustee Ken Jaworski opposed. Motion carried. Trustee CJ Horkey made a motion to approve the meeting minutes from the regular meeting held on April 26, 2022 & waive the reading. Treasurer Hunt supported. Trustee Travis Horkey abstained. Motion carried. Treasurer Hunt made a motion to accept the April 2022. Treasurers report. Trustee Travis Horkey supported. Motion carried. Clerk Sanders made a motion to place one item of correspondence on file & waive the reading. Treasurer Hunt supported. Motion carried.

Dundee superintendent, Mr. Ed Manusak attended the meeting to discuss the potential bond request. He gave a presentation & answered some question from the board. Some of the projects they hope to complete are, Elementary & Middle School air quality improvements, adding up to 10 new Elementary classrooms, renovate the High School with a secure entrance vestibule, create a solution for the traffic congestion at the Elementary & Middle School, replace the High School movable bleachers that are failing & renovate/improve the Middle School pool filter, drain, heating & dehumidification system.

After 6 years with Dundee Community Schools, Mr. Manusak has taken a position with Washtenaw Intermediate school district. The district is in the process of hiring a replacement at this time. Mr. Manusak’s last day is June 30, 2022.



PUBLIC COMMENT: A township resident attended the meeting and discussed concerns about the bond proposal & how important it is that the township still work on figuring out ways to help the fire department as much as possible.




Building Department: The building inspector, Dennis Kolar, attended the meeting & gave an update for April & May permits.

Supervisor Uhl: Supervisor Uhl was excused.

Trustee C.J. Horkey: Trustee Horkey discussed that he & supervisor Uhl plan to have a meeting with Chief Motylinski to discuss the fire truck that has been ordered.

Trustee Gary Lazette: Trustee Lazette discussed the continued work that he has been doing at the library. He also recently attended a MTA meeting, that normally meets once every quarter but due to covid, has not been able to be held. There will be another MTA meeting in September.

Trustee Travis Horkey: Trustee Horkey attended his first River Raisin Watershed Council meeting. There was a speaker to talked about the history of southeast Michigan & had a lot of information to share. He also discussed speaking with the MCRC about the issues with the crosstiles that were worked on last year.

Trustee Ken Jaworski: Trustee Jaworski spoke to Leon Salenbien about spreading stone at the cemetery. Will speak to him again about cost. He was contacted by someone wanting to donate a tree to the OakGrove cemetery, but was unsure about the placement & if there was room. He also noticed plot line stakes that were placed at the property line at OakGrove & questioned if the township should do the same & check to see where the lines are. Trustee Jaworski made a motion to authorize himself to contact a survey company about having a survey done at the cemetery with a cost not to exceed $700.00. Trustee Lazette supported. Motion carried.


Treasurer Lisa Hunt: Treasurer Hunt plans to outsource the printing of the tax bills, as was done last year. She has made some revisions to the bill based on suggestions made by homeowners.

The treasurer’s office will be closed the week of July 4th, 2022. This information will also be on the tax bills as a reminder for residents.


Clerk Sharayah Sanders: Clerk Sanders received a letter from the Monroe County Drain Commission after the agenda was set, so it was discussed at this time. There is a review of appointment for Plumb Creek drain. It will take place May 31, 2022 from 9am-5pm. Clerk Sanders also gave an update on election tasks. One petition has been pulled for a Village position, but has not been returned yet. The deadline for filing is July 26, 2022 by 4pm.




*Cemetery Mowing Contract: Some corrections were made to the contract for the cemetery mowing & the owner of Rick’s Lawn Service signed. Trustee Ken Jaworski, the liaison for the cemeteries said that the mowing’s that were done before the meeting looked good & Rick’s is doing a really nice job. Trustee CJ Horkey made a motion to authorize the Supervisor to enter into the contract. Trustee Travis Horkey supported. Motion carried.





*WIFI internet for the Township: Treasurer Hunt has done some research & been in contact with the township IT company about WIFI for the township hall. After speaking with Dan, he quoted $900.00 to install & set up WIFI internet. This will allow the Treasurer, Clerk & our other office members to work remotely if needed all while having a secure network to work from. The IT company will be able to monitor the fire wall remotely as well to make sure everything stays secure. Treasurer Hunt made a motion to enter into a contract with Chrome Enterprises, for the install & monitoring of WIFI internet. Trustee Ken Jaworski supported. Motion carried.



*March 2022 Treasurers report amendments: Treasurer Hunt discussed some changes that were needed/made to the March 2022 report due to a glitch in the computer program that removed some figures that were entered. Treasurer corrected the report & gave the board an updated copy to approve. Trustee CJ Horkey made a motion to approve the amendments to the March 2022 Treasurers report. Trustee Gary Lazette supported. Motion carried.


In additional board comments, Trustee Lazette discussed the school bond presentation & concerns.

Treasurer Hunt also discussed concerns with the bond presentation & how the options to handle the traffic from the Elementary & Middle School may cause issue with the Fire Department & their ability to move through the main roads or causing a delay their response time.



Trustee Ken Jaworski made a motion to pay the bills from 5/5/22 in the amount of $10,675.92. Treasurer Hunt supported. Motion carried.


Trustee Ken Jaworski made a motion to pay the bills from 5/18/22 in the amount of $10,757.58. Treasurer Hunt supported. Motion carried.


Treasurer Hunt made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Trustee Lazette supported. Motion carried.


The next meeting will be on June 14, 2022 at 7PM.


               Respectfully Submitted,



  Sharayah Sanders

                                                                                    Dundee Township Clerk


CJ Horkey

Dundee Township Trustee


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