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A Regular Meeting of the Dundee Township Board was held Tuesday, September 26, 2023. Supervisor Uhl called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. 


Present were: Trustees: Alana Horkey, Ken Jaworski, Travis Horkey, Supervisor Uhl, Clerk Anderson, & Gary Lazette. Excused Absence: Treasurer Hunt. Clerk Anderson did roll call.


  • Trustee Lazette to approve the agenda. Trustee Jaworski supported. Motion carried.
  • Trustee Travis Horkey motioned to waive the reading and approve the minutes from the regular meeting held on October 10, 2023. Trustee Jaworski seconded. Motion carried.





LIBRARY: No report at this time.


ASSESSING: No report at this time.


BUILDING DEPARTMENT: No report at this time.


FIRE DEPARTMENT: No report at this time.


TREASURER LISA HUNT: No report at this time.



  • Bragg Road bridge funding was denied by The University Region Bridge Council for the MDOT Local Bridge Program. Will re-evaluate programs in 2024.



  • 50 absentee ballots were mailed out, with 30 ballots received in.



  • The construction of library wall and ballot box base is projected to be completed before the end of October.
  • Discussed the proposed bill for control of local government.



  • No report at this time.



  • The Red Coats cleanup for the cemetery is on track for the end of October.



  • Commented on the upcoming Dundee Bash festivities.






  • General Ledger - Accounts Payable fund guidelines discussed.

Fire Department Clerk Anderson motioned to pay fire department bills using oldest funds first in accordance to the ballot language. Trustee Jaworski seconded. Motion carried.

Supervisor Uhl motioned to pay invoice #7/19/2023 for the Culvert Replacement at Irish Road @ Pitts Creek from Monroe County Drain Commission. Recommend to pay out of Roads – Building Projects Account. Trustee Alana Horkey seconded. Motion carried.

  • Discussed options for extending financial manager. 
  • Discussed the 2021 International Fire Code to be implemented as standard Fire Safety Ordinance. Discussed replacing 2021 with Current. Trustee Alana Horkey motioned to adopt Current International Fire Code Ordinance number 46. Supervisor Uhl seconded. After further discussion on flammable and combustible material language in section 3, the motion was held until further review. 
  • Annual Bed and Breakfast Report presented by Jennifer Kelly. Discussed updates and changes over last year, including business phone, new sign, and room expansions. Additional focus will be to the website, social media and continued building improvements.
  • Replacement Hose Quote to replace hose that was removed by the recent state inspection. Trustee Alana Horkey motioned to purchase the fire hose from DingesFire for $10,373.90. Trustee Lazette/Jaworski seconded. Motion carried.
  • Emergency Networking Bid Fire Department Record Keeping and State Reporting Program. Reviewed quote presented, will research differences in current quote from previous quote and time left on curent contract with ESO Solutions. Will review at next meeting.



Additional board comments:

-       Trustee Lazette inquired about election ballot camera status.

-       Trustee Travis Horkey commented on the importance of the GL work being done.

-       Clerk Anderson commented on the change to the FD phone bill and updated on the status of the Township Hall phone system.


Trustee Alana Horkey motioned to pay the bills from October 19, 2023 in the amount of $6,374.82. Trustee Jaworksi seconded. Motion Carried.


Trustee Lazette motioned to adjourn at 8:20pm. Trustee Jaworksi supported. Motion carried.


The next meeting will be November 14, 2023 at 7:00PM. 


Attested:                                                                         Respectfully Submitted,


Joanna Uhl                                                                           Jean Anderson

Dundee Township Supervisor                                              Dundee Township Clerk


___________________________                                                             __________________________

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