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JANUARY 26, 2021


A Regular Meeting of the Dundee Township Board was held “VIA ZOOM”, Tuesday, January 26, 2021.  Supervisor Uhl called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.    The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  Present “Via Zoom” was:  Supervisor Uhl, Clerk Sanders, Treasurer Hunt and Trustees:  Gary Lazette, C.J. Horkey, Travis Horkey and Ken Jaworski.  Trustee Travis Horkey moved to approve the meeting agenda and Trustee Ken Jaworski supported.  Motion carried.  Trustee C.J moved to approve the minutes from the December 8, 2020, Regular meeting and Trustee Travis supported.  Motion carried. Trustee Lazette moved to approve the November,2020 Treasurers report and Trustee Travis supported. Motion carried. Trustee Lazette moved to approve the December 2020 Treasurers report. Trustee C.J supported. Motion carried.

Supervisor Uhl moved to approve the correspondence and place on file & place the River Raisin watershed invoice on the next agenda. Trustee Jaworski supported and motion carried. 





Assessing Department:  None


Building Department:  None


Supervisor Uhl:  None


Trustee C.J: Trustee CJ allowed Fire Chief Motylinski to use this time to speak to the board.

Item one: Fire department & attorney are putting together a letter to send to Hampton Manor in regards to all of the lift assists and COVID-19 testing transports that the fire department has been taking care of multiple times a day. They will discuss with other townships on if the Fire Departments are charging for the assists & how to move forward.


Item two: Congratulate Kevin Zorn on retirement. Listed all of the promotions that have been given.


Item Three: Fire department received a $14,330.00 check from Whiteford township for assisting in Silo fire.  Wants those funds to be used to purchase updated equipment, stair chair, hoses, chainsaws. Remaining balance of equipment after the check funds $1,190.55, requested to have that cost covered. Trustee C.J made a motion to pay the remaining cost of $1,190.55. Treasurer Hunt supported. Motion carried.


Item Four: Also discussed all of the Grants he has applied for, and that he will continue to keep applying.


Item Five: Chief Motylinski requested that the board approve $107,000.00 for the purchase of 30 new sets of PPE gear (Personal Protection Equipment). Will use funds raised through fundraising as down payment for equipment. Will then require 20,000.00 a year for the next 4 years to finish paying off the balance for the new equipment, with an interest rate of 3.89%. It is the hope to have the new millage to pay for the yearly instalments.


C.J Horkey made a motion to approve the costs for Item 3, which is to approve the remaining balance of $1,190.55 for the purchase of equipment. Treasurer Hunt supported. Motion carried.


C.J Horkey made a motion to approve the purchase of the 30 PPE sets (Turn out gear). With a down payment of $20,000.00 from the Fire Department Fundraising and to finance the balance over the next 4 years, totaling and not to exceed 107,103.00 in total cost. Trustee Travis Horkey supported. Motion carried.  


Trustee Lazette:  Discussed concerns about being able to meet in person as well as how we will proceed with Budget workshops. Discussion was had on doing budget workshops virtually as best as we can. The board will get a copy of the budget reports to discuss.


Trustee Travis Horkey: None


Trustee Jaworski:  None


Treasurer Hunt:  None


Clerk SandersNone


OLD BUSINESS: Discussion continued about road projects. Supervisor Uhl is communicating with Dave Leach, and will receive estimates for HMA on Dixon rd.


NEW BUISINESS: A Motion was made to adopt resolution 2021-1 by Trustee Lazette. Trustee Jaworski supported.

A roll call vote was taken by Clerk Sanders.

Trustee C.J Horkey

Trustee Travis Horkey

Trustee Gary Lazette

Trustee Ken Jaworski

Treasurer Lisa Hunt

Clerk Sharayah Sanders

Supervisor Joanna Uhl          Motion Carried.


Supervisor Uhl asked to purchase cameras and microphones for office computers for zoom meetings.

Trustee C.J Horkey made the motion to approve the purchase of 3 cameras and microphones, not to exceed $200.00. Trustee Travis Horkey supported. Motion carried.



ANY OTHER ADDITIONAL BOARD COMMENTS:  The board discussed the fire department information & requests.




Motion made by C.J Horkey and supported by Gary Lazette to pay the bills from 12/17/2020 in the amount of $44,071.63.  Motion carried.  


Motion made by Treasurer Hunt and supported by Trustee Jaworski to pay the bills from 1/7/2021 in the amount of $20,962.07.  Motion carried. 


Motion made by Clerk Sanders and supported by Trustee Jaworski to pay the bills from 1/21/2021 in the amount of $15,050.24. Motion carried.


A virtual budget workshop was scheduled by the Board for February 11, 2021 at 5:30pm.


Motion made by Trustee Jaworski and supported by Trustee Gary Lazette to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.  The meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.    The next meeting will be Tuesday, February 9,2021. 


                                                                        Respectfully Submitted,



                                                                        Sharayah L. Sanders

                                                                        Dundee Township Clerk





Joanna Uhl


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