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SEPTEMBER 13, 2022



A Regular Meeting of the Dundee Township Board was held Tuesday, September 13, 2022.  Supervisor Uhl called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Present were: Trustees: Gary Lazette, Travis Horkey, Ken Jaworski & CJ Horkey, Supervisor Uhl, Treasurer Hunt & Clerk Sanders. Trustee Ken Jaworski made a motion to revise the agenda to add the 2021-2022 audit to New Business. Treasurer Hunt supported. Motion carried. Trustee Lazette made a motion to approve the regular meeting minutes from August 9, 2022 & waive the reading. Treasurer Hunt supported. Trustee CJ Horkey abstained. Motion carried. Trustee CJ Horkey made a motion to place three items of correspondence on file & waive the reading. Trustee Travis Horkey supported. Motion carried.


PUBLIC COMMENT: There was no public comment at this time.



Library: Jennifer attended the meeting to give an update on current activities & how things are going at the library. There was child, teen & adult summer reading groups that went really well. The 5, 4th grade classes at Dundee Elementary will be going over to the library weekly for their media class. On October 22nd the library will be having a pumpkin carving/painting event thanks to Ryan Vann from Social House 103.


Assessing: There was no report at this time.


Building Department: Dennis Kolar attended the meeting to give an update on permits for the building department.


Supervisor Uhl: Supervisor Uhl discussed that she has been meeting with the road advisory group & plans to meet with the MCRC this week. She was also contacted by a real estate agent about a company wanting to purchase a small amount of the land that the township owns. After discussion, the board requested that Supervisor Uhl ask for more information about what the company would need and want. More will be discussed at a later meeting.


Trustee C.J. Horkey: Trustee CJ Horkey gave an update on the fire department. In July there were 81 calls. 63 located in the Village, 14 located Township & 4 mutual aid.


Trustee Gary Lazette: Trustee Lazette discussed his conversation with Mr. Larry Cymbola from the VFW about the cost of ordering flags for the cemetery, that are installed on Memorial Day and the length of time to leave them up, in hopes to preserve them for longer use.


Trustee Travis Horkey: Trustee Horkey did not have a report at this time.


Trustee Ken Jaworski: Trustee Jaworski acknowledge Trustee Travis Horkey for mowing the donated acre at the cemetery. He also gave an update on the survey that was done at the cemetery. Everything went well with the survey so he and Trustee Lazette put posts/markers on the property lines. He also contacted the cemetery sexton, Larry Krepps about possibly installing a fence along the back side,  


Treasurer Lisa Hunt: Treasurer Hunt had no report at this time.


Clerk Sharayah Sanders: Clerk Sanders had no report at this time.



OLD BUSINESS: No old business for this meeting.



  • MCOP Donation letter- The board discussed a letter received from MCOP & decided not to participate. The Township has not participated in previous years.
  • Monroe County ARPA Funds- The Township application for ARPA funds for firemen pay was unfortunately denied. However, the culvert project that was applied for was approved but at a lower amount. The township applied for $180,000 but was approved for $36,000. Will discuss more at a later date.
  • 2021-2022 Audit- After board discussion, Trustee CJ Horkey made a motion to accept & approve the audit for the 2021-2022 fiscal year. Trustee Lazette supported. A roll call was taken, motion carried. (VOTE= Yes-7, No-0)


In Additional board comments, Trustee Lazette expressed the monthly balancing done with the Treasurer & Clerk needs to be done as it is a repeat suggestion from the auditors.

Trustee Jaworski suggested the board think about setting aside funds for a fence at the cemetery. Treasurer Hunt spoke with Linda Sontag about the peddler discussion from the previous meeting & suggest that the board look into a possible Ordinance regarding solicitation.


Trustee CJ Horkey made a motion to pay the bills from 8/17/22 in the amount of $56,602.65. Treasurer Hunt supported. Motion carried.


Trustee CJ Horkey made a motion to pay the bills from 9/8/22 in the amount of $11,569.01. Treasurer Hunt supported. Motion carried.


Treasurer Hunt made a motion to adjourn, Trustee Gary Lazette supported. Motion carried.


The next meeting will be September 27, 2022 at 7PM.




 Attested:                                                                         Respectfully Submitted,




Joanna Uhl                                                                            Sharayah Sanders

Dundee Township Supervisor                                              Dundee Township Clerk

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