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A Regular Meeting of the Dundee Township Board was held Tuesday, February 14, 2023. Supervisor Uhl called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Present were: Trustees: Gary Lazette, Travis Horkey & Ken Jaworski, Treasurer Hunt, & Supervisor Uhl. Excused Absence: Clerk Anderson.


  • Trustee Lazette motioned to approve the agenda with the revisions. Trustee Travis Horkey supported. Motion carried.
  • Trustee Travis Horkey noted to correct the minutes from the regular meeting held on January 24, 2023. Correction being minutes did not note Trustee Travis Horkey seconded motion nominate Alana Horkey for Trustee. Supervisor Uhl motioned to correct spelling of Marylin Larson’s name in minutes. Treasurer Hunt motioned to approve the regular meeting held on January 24, 2023 with the noted corrections. Trustee Alana Horkey seconded. Motion carried.
  • Treasurer Hunt motioned waive the Correspondence reading and place on file. Trustee Travis Horkey seconded motion. Motion Carried.


PUBLIC COMMENT: Sharon Wurster from Milan Township spoke about concerns for the Solar Ordinance by mentioning observations, views, and issues of existing solar fields. She encouraged to view existing solar fields up close noting vegetation, clearances, and surrounding property value changes. She encouraged the board to hold public awareness meetings and public surveys.




LIBRARY: Jennifer Grudnoski presented the library update, reporting in 2022, 33,000 items were checked out, an increase over 2021, with 22,000 items checked out. Also reviewed programs, including school programs and concerts being held at various library branches.


ASSESSING: No report at this time.


BUILDING DEPARTMENT: No report at this time.


SUPERVISOR UHL: Presented the Annual Community Cleanup day will be April 29th.


TRUSTEE GARY LAZETTE: No report at this time.


TRUSTEE TRAVIS HORKEY: Presented an overview on attending the MTA meeting in January.


TRUSTEE KEN JAWORSKI: No report at this time.


TRUSTEE ALANA HORKEY: Commented on being glad to be on the board as a new Trustee.


TREASURER LISA HUNT: Busy collecting tax payments. Commented on options for replacement board chairs. Recommended if replaced to donate the current chairs to the fire department.


CLERK JEAN ANDERSON: No report at this time.



  • Trustee Lazette discussed the age and condition of the existing furnaces and air conditioners at the Township Hall. Indicating 2 of the 4 units are very old. He presented 3 bids for 2 furnace and 2 condensers replacements at the Township Hall. Trustee Lazette motioned to approve the quote from Sieb Plumbing for $13,495.00 for 2 furnaces and 2 condensers. Trustee Jaworski seconded motion. Motion Carried.


  • Trustee Lazette discussed replacing the Township Door with an ADA compliant door. Indicating features presented in quote and discussing features that need to be addressed. Further discussion will take place after additional information is gathered.


  • Supervisor Uhl discussed the County Grant for culvert work. The county granted $36,000 for our requested $360,000 projects. Further discussion will take place after additional evaluation of individual culvert costs.



  • Road Commission Contract for dust control of various roads for $33,200 was presented. Trustee Lazette motioned to approve contract as presented. Trustee Jaworski supported. Motion Carried.


  • Fire Chief Motylinski presented two quotes.


  • Quote for preventative maintenance of 4 sets of Hurst Tools and 1 Power Unit (Jaws of Life) by MacQueen for $1,950.00. Trustee Travis Horkey motioned to approve the Quote for preventative maintenance of 4 sets of Hurst Tools and 1 Power Unit (Jaws of Life) by MacQueen for $1,950.00. Treasurer Hunt seconded. Montion Carried.


  • Quote for 3-year service of 1 LUCAS Machine by ProCare Services (Stryker) for $4,899.15. Supervisor Uhl motioned to approve the 3-year maintenance contract with the ProCare Services for 1 LUCAS Machine for $4,899.15. Treasurer Hunt seconded. Motion Carried.


  • Mayfly Festival donation letter received from Dundee Village was discussed. Trustee Jaworski motioned to not make a donation to the festival this year.  Treasurer Hunt seconded. Motion Carried.


  • The Zoning Ordinance Francise for Michigan Gas, 2023-Z-1, was discussed. Trustee Travis Horkey motioned to adopt Zoning Ordinance 2023-Z-1 as presented. Treasurer Hunt seconded. Roll Call vote: Trustee Lazette: Yes, Trustee Travis Horkey: Yes, Trustee Jaworski: Yes, Trustee Alana Horkey: Yes. Supervisor Uhl: Yes, Treasurer Hunt: Yes, Clerk Anderson: Excused Absence. Motion Carried.


Additional board comments: Trustee Lazette stated he will be sending a Code Red announcement regarding the 2 non-functioning sirens and urging residents to sign-up to the Code Red system for alerts. He will also mention the need for volunteer firefighters.


Trustee Lazette motioned to pay the bills from February 14, 2023 in the amount of $40,360.69 Treasurer Hunt supported. Motion Carried.



Treasurer Hunt motioned to adjourn, Trustee Lazette supported. Motion carried.


The next meeting will be February 28, 2023 at 7PM. 




Attested:                                                                         Respectfully Submitted,


Joanna Uhl                                                                           Jean Anderson

Dundee Township Supervisor                                              Dundee Township Clerk




___________________________                                                             __________________________




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