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Treasurer Lisa Hunt


Treasurer Department

Lisa Hunt, Treasurer



Laura Nevers, Deputy Treasurer

Treasurer's Hours are : Monday thru Thursday 9:00am - 3:00 pm

Closed on Friday's and all Federal Holidays







Treasury:  The Dundee Township Treasurer is responsible for disbursing Township funds as well as administering all property taxes.


Treasurer's Office Hours:  The Treasurer's office is open from 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. Monday - Thursday.  The office is closed on Friday.



Summer Taxes:  State Education Tax and the County Tax.


Winter Taxes:  Township Tax; Township Road Tax; Senior Citizen; County Library; Monroe Community College; Spec Ed Tax; Monroe ISD; ISD Technical; School Operating; School Debt; Township Fire Department.




Tax Bills:  It is the policy of Dundee Township to mail one copy of the tax bill.  If you have an escrow account for taxes, your mortgage company must request a tax bill each and every time they are due.  If the mortgage company does not ask the township for your bill, then it is mailed to you at your last known address. If you do receive your tax bill instead of your mortgage company, please forward your bill to them immediately so that your bill can be paid in a timely manner.


Personal Property Taxes:  If you were in business as of December 31, 2020 you are responsible for 2021 summer and winter taxes.  Personal Property Taxes paid after due date are subject to penalties and interest.


Payments/Receipts:  Payments can be made in person, by mail, at United Bank & Trust (Dundee Branch) or any branch of Monroe Bank & Trust.  Payments may be placed in the mail slot in the Clerk's office door 24 hours a day, any day.  Make checks payable to Dundee Township Treasurer.  Our mailing address is 179 Main Street, Dundee, MI 48131.  Payments dropped in the mail slot in the Clerk's door are considered received the last business day office hours were held.  We honor postmarks as date paid.  If you are mailing payments, allow seven days for mail handling.  Your cancelled check will be your receipt.  If you wish a stamped receipt, bring or mail the entire tax bill to our office.  Receipts for escrowed paid taxes will be mailed after winter taxes are paid (mid-February).


Forms:  Deferrment of Summer Taxes (pdf file)


This page last updated on 12/22/2021.
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