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Fire Department

Dundee Fire Department

820 Dundee Azailia Rd 

Fire Chief:  Dan Motylinski


Assistant Fire Chief: Rob Justice



 Dundee Fire Department is a volunteer part time fire department.  The fire department has 27 volunteer firemen.   

WOULD YOU LIKE to become a fireman?  Contact a local fireman or the Chief at 734-529-5225 if you have an interest in volunteering.

Dundee Township Fire Department News

DID YOU KNOW the Dundee Township Volunteer Firemen performs many services to the community in addition to rescues and fires? Services Include leading school field trips to teach children about fire safety. They also participate in community parades and school championship parades.

Our fireman began a Fireman Cadet Program this year. Working with Schoolcraft College to train and educate Cadets to assure the availability of competent, well-trained individuals to consider for future fire department vacancies. Select Dundee fireman are working directly with Schoolcraft College in conjunction with Dundee High School, Monroe Public High School and Charter High School through its Dual Enrollment Program, providing State Firefighter Certification, college credit hours and vocational training.

They also provide assistance to the Township Clerk during elections. By removing equipment and assisting the clerk with setup and tear down of the election polls, allowing the fire hall to be used by the community for an additional purpose.  This is done without interruption to the safety of the community.


DID YOU KNOW The Dundee Township Volunteer Fire Department exceeded 1000 calls in 2022, compared to the roughly 800 calls from 2020 & 2021.


WOULD YOU LIKE to become a fireman?  Contact a local fireman or the Chief at 734-529-5225 if you have an interest in volunteering.


DID YOU KNOW the firemen as a group may spend on average, 50 to 60 hours a month in addition to the calls, keeping the fire equipment in good working order, filing reports, keeping updated on training and safety and applying for grants as well as many other tasks.


DID YOU KNOW volunteer firemen spend an average of 30 hours each year in training to remain current in lifesaving and firefighting skills plus continuing education credits.  This is in addition to 385 hours of initial training.









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Click below to view Burn Ordinance and Permit.

There are many ways to obtain and file a burn permit.  Containers with blank permits are located outside of the fire hall and township hall and may be returned to the receptionist during business hours of: Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m. or placed in the after hours drop box located at the township hall.  A printable version of the permit is located in fire department section of our website.  If you need to notify someone or have questions you may contact Fire Chief Dan Motylinski at 734-529-2650.  Please leave your name, address, contact phone number and date, time, location of the burn.

This page last updated on 2/21/2023.
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